About Us


The company has state of the art machinery and equipment spread over 50,000 sq feet of area. We manufacture different types of Air Pollution Control Equipments and provide various solutions for Air Pollution control, Ventilation, Dust control, Air processing, Pneumatic conveying, Material handling & processing. We are fully equipped with all the latest machinery and a dedicated team of workforce. A separate team of workers are there to undertake the site work and commissioning of the equipment. Apart from our high profile customer list we have a dedicated team of designers, draftsmen, technicians, erectors- fabricators.

Engineering Expertise

Year after year our team of engineers have transformed the company into a bigger, more efficient a company capable of taking bigger challenges in its field. The company is aware of the fact that it is important to offer the customer the best product, assistance and standard of service. We have earned an enviable reputation for successfully supplying and commissioning complicated Dust Collection and Ventilation Projects.


We at Airfilt aim to strengthen our technological base consistently so as to deliver dependable products to our customers. We endeavor to provide robust quality in our products and services that ensures years of service in challenging and demanding applications. The company was incorporated with a determination and commitment to deliver quality and cost effective equipment.in its ever-increasing range of products and services.

Dust Extraction and Collection Systems

Dust is a problem in any working environment. At Airfilt we try to offer you a very cost effective solution to any typical dust control problem. The dust can be effectively controlled through various methods depending upon the size of dust particles, its density, dust load in air and various other factors. The choice of type of dust collector to be used depends upon the value of the dust to be collected and its impact on the environment. If the dust is precious, then the efficiency of the unit is very important as its wastage can result in losses. Sometimes the dust is a waste product but its collection is important to prevent the environment from getting polluted.

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